Surfrider Portrait Mirror



Melding the salty, yet cozy oasis of the California coastline with a modern surf culture, Surfrider is defined by the use of natural materials including rattan, jute rope, stone, gypsum, bamboo and driftwood motifs. Designed to create relaxing spaces to escape from the pressures of modern life, it is featured in a light, natural Driftwood finish. Luxurious materials, shapes and textures combine to create a relaxed, yet sophisticated style that epitomize the lifestyle of a casual, beach-town community.

Surfrider Portrait Mirror

Features: Light brown layered simulated cork with silver colored frame
Rectangle shape
Layered simulated cork motif
Beveled mirror

Material: Mirror and Resin

PRODUCT MEASURES: 36.75"W x 1.25"D x 48.00"H


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