Wyre 30" End Table with Bottle Frame



We designed Wyre with minimalist sensibility to capture an intriguing form without losing utility for people. Details like subtly lipped surfaces draw our eyes and soften what could be hard shapes with a feeling of craft. Options for tone and texture with veneer or solid surfaces bring a sense of home and warmth to this accent piece.

Overall Dimensions 30"w x 30"d x 22"h

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LAMINATE TOP OPTION (for Wood Veneer option search Q-WF-B30RD22H-V-B4Z)

LAMINATE COLORS (Touch to Select)
Blonde laminate
Frosty White laminate
Grey laminate
Root laminate
Sienna laminate
Steel laminate
FRAME COLORS (Touch to Select)
Luster Grey powdercoat
Onyx powdercoat

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